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Become A Poultry Expert

Are you a Farmer, or intends becoming one? This area of specialization has being and will always be lucrative, since it actually connects living things (in which humans are the ultimate). Food is the most vital need of Humans, everyone must eat to live. Being a Farmer gives you that assurance that everyone is your potential customer.

Farming is so wide that the supply can never over shine the demand, if you are not one, think of becoming one either by investing or become a full part of the sector. Poultry farming is the farming that deals on rearing of domestic birds like Chicken, Turkey, Ducks, Geese, etc.

In this book, BECOME A POULTRY EXPERT, we took time to gather all the necessary details and facts that will lead you to becoming an expert. Don’t make the mistakes most local farmers do, opt in to get a copy of this book and unravel all you need to be the best in this specialty. Avoid all the mistakes, breed healthy chickens, produce good number of eggs, boost your sales and maximize your profits.

Secrets to success are always discovered by reading. LEARN SMART THEN EARN BOUNTIFULLY.

“Procrastination Hides Dreams Or Ideas, Actions Delivers Results Either Positive Or Negative, But Diligence Coupled With Smart Strategy Grows Profitability, Start Today To Be The Best You Aspire To Be. “


By buying this handy poultry book, you have awoken the spirit of entrepreneurship which is the driving force behind capitalism.

Most parents want their child to have a good education for a secured future. They want their child to make it to the top of the food chain. Parents dread the thought of their child toiling at a menial job, underemployed, earning low wages, and battling hunger all their lives.

What are schools teaching our children, teenagers and young adults? Are they giving them fish to eat or do they teach them how to catch the fish for themselves. To be self-reliant, innovative, and responsible enough to feed themselves. You and I already knows the answers that has given rise to massive unemployment and needy school graduates.

That was the idea behind writing this book, to show a path on which we can learn something extra in business of successful poultry farming, to use the spirit of entrepreneurship in us to create a life in which we are free from the fear and worry of how to survive owning and making profit from a poultry farm. Become A Poultry Expert

Learn how to handle your Poultry farm profitably and more in this book: See Table of content below.

Initial price: ₦7,000

Selling Price Now: ₦4,500 

Contact: 07011147937, 09027682736

Become A Poultry Expert
Become A Poultry Expert
Become A Poultry Expert
Become A Poultry Expert. 

Table of contents for “Become a Poultry Expert”

Chapter One: Introduction

Business Planning Of Your Poultry Business

Meaning of Poultry Farming

Have A Look At The Market Options Available For Poultry Farmers

Layer Breeding

Poultry Feed Production

Poultry Equipment Manufacturing

Poultry Consultant


Prospective Turnover In Poultry Business

Chapter Two: Poultry Business Plan 

Decide on the type of Birds

Making Your Business Plan

Planning The Starting Up Of Poultry Farm

Drugs and vaccines

Eggs crates, Nets, Chicken feeds, Perches

Cost of labor

Ways To Raise Funds For Your Business (Poultry Farm)


Chapter Three: Types Of Poultry Production




Chapter Four: The Broilers

The Processes in Broiler Production


Chapter Five: The Layers

The Layer Breed

The White Layer Hens

The Brown Layer Hens

The Layer Hens Process


Debeaking Of Layer

Importance Of Debeaking


Water Dispensing

Storage Of Eggs

Advantages Of Poultry Cages


Chapter Six: Deciding On Where To Locate Your Poultry Farm

Closeness to market

Access to cheap land

Access to cheap labor

Source of good water

Waste disposal



Chapter Seven: Poultry Equipments And Devices

Stability Of Cash Flow

Temperature Control


Chapter Eight: Housing Hen

Factors to Consider Designing a Poultry Housing System

Tips and Requirements for a Good Poultry Housing System

Health Management in the Poultry

Common Diseases in Hens

How To Know That Your Hens Are Sick

Spread Of Disease

Factors Contributing To Disease

Actions Taken At Signs Of Disease

General Treatment


Chapter Nine: Feeding Program

Starter feeds

Grower And Developer Feeds

Making Your Own Quality Chicken Feed At Home

Accounting, record Keeping & Eggs Storage

Purposes Of Records

Marketing Your Poultry Products

Best Ways to Hire Employee

Become A Poultry Expert
Become A Poultry Expert
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